Livery and stables near Elgin, Moray, Scotland. Horses for sale, horse clinics and riding lessons.


All types of livery are available at Rashcrook

We have lovely stables which are all roomy and bright and our facilities include an all weather floodlit arena which is surfaced with top quality silica sand and fibres, we also have a small indoor school which is great for flat work and lunging when the weather's not at it's best.

We have 50 acres of grazing, all fences are electric and we have a policy of keeping mares and geldings separate. There is good hacking in the area too which is great for keeping your horse fit.

Horses have daily turnout between 7am and 5pm throughout the winter but must be stabled at night til 1st May, throughout the summer they can be turned out 24/7 if you wish.

Use of the facilities is included with all livery types, we do not take grass liveries.

DIY liveries can also have their horses turned out/in, mucked out, exercised as they need.

We can also take in for farrier/vet etc, we have a form that you fill in and the extra charges are invoiced at the end of the month.


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